Why Be Green

Many people may wonder why it is important to be environmentally conscious.

How can the decisions about where we eat, sleep, or entertain affect the earth’s environment? This is a key question as we wonder whether our small daily efforts have an impact on the world at large.

The truth is, your every action — from the food you buy, to the water you drink — can affect the world’s environment.

At, we want to help each and every person be more kind to the environment and more generous to their wallets while having more fun. By purchasing from environmentally-friendly stores and businesses, you are helping support companies that care about our planet and the people living on it.

And by promoting their companies, we hope that more businesses will turn to eco-friendly alternatives.

But it’s hard to only shop at businesses that are environmentally conscious.

In fact, how do we even know which stores are, and which stores are not?

That’s where we come in.

GreenerDealz introduces you daily to which stores are good for the environment. And by supporting them, you support the Earth. Even if the deal of the day is not something you desire, the information about the consciousness of various local businesses should be helpful to you for the future.