What is GreenerDealz?

GreenerDealz introduces you to local businesses that help you do, see and buy the best green offerings in your city. Special offers and discounts will be presented through regular emails. We make it easy to save money and go green.

What makes a product or service a greener deal?

What makes GreenerDealz greener, you ask? We feature community-minded and environmentally conscious offerings, products and services that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Most of the businesses we market have been certified or approved by respected associations, such as Green Restaurant Association, Green Seal, the U.S. Green Building Council on LEEDs, and others setting the standard in their industry. Also, we partner with companies with a clear and significant environmental advantage using locally grown produce or services that reduce, reuse and recycle and ones that promote health and wellness that are vital to creating a sustainable community and GreenerDealz.

When do GreenerDealz expire?

Generally, you have at least 3 months to use your voucher and in some cases longer depending on the merchant. The expiration date along with other details will be on the website

Can I buy a GreenerDealz gift for somebody else?

Of course! Unless the deal explicitly states otherwise, go ahead and gift! Simply select the gift option at checkout to email the deal to your gift recipient or print the coupon to present to someone personally.

When you buy a GreenerDealz gift and choose to send it, your recipient will receive an email after your credit card has been charged. He or she can print the GreenerDealz coupon for use. If you choose to print your GreenerDealz gift coupon yourself, you can do so under your ‘My Gifts’ tab.

Remember, for every three friends who buy a deal based on your referral, we’re giving you a deal to keep or give to one of our favorite nonprofit organizations.

If I don’t use the full value of my GreenerDealz coupon in my first visit, can I use the balance at a later date?

Unless otherwise stated, the voucher is one-time use only, and you will not receive store credit or cash back for the remainder. We encourage you to go all out or grab a friend to share in the fun!