About Us

Everyone loves a deal, but that’s not all we’re about.

GreenerDealz offers environmentally-conscious consumers a daily introduction to local sustainable businesses who provide green products and services to their communities.

GreenerDealz wants to make going green accessible to everyone.  By introducing you to earth-friendly alternatives in your city, we want to help you do better things for your body, your family, and your planet.

Our mission:

1.)    Introduce consumers to some of the coolest green & earth-friendly products & services in Chicago by businesses who focus on elevated inventory rather than advertising campaigns.

2.)    Help build repeat customers for the small business owner, farmer, and social entrepreneur promoting a better way to do things for people and the planet.

3.)    Promote and support green and earth-friendly non-profit organizations.

Why it works:

Nowadays, it is becoming more common place to see the word “green” on something and give the perception of earth-friendly practices.

Our team, lead by Professor George Nassos, sets a standard to cut through the “green washing” to find high quality, well-loved companies that are either certified as organic or eco-friendly, or that have a people & planet positive approach in the DNA of the business.

By attracting conscious customers who want to make mindful choices beyond a single deal, we essentially partner with the business owner to offer group discounts to targeted customers – Quality over Quantity!

One great big Green deal per day!